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Bring your pieces home to best your opponent!

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The aim of the game is to move all the player's pieces onto his home board (or bear off) before their opponent.

Obtain achievements

  • Loyal Player
  • WordPlay Go-getter
  • Okey Go-getter

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How to start the game?

To begin playing the game, either click on the Play Now button above or look below and select the room that you wish to play in. The game room will open in a new window.

If you have never played the game before, you will be asked to install the game. Instructions on how this is done will appear on this page.

Once the game window opens, there are three ways to start the game.

  • The simplest way is to press QuickStart! and wait for the game to automatically find you an opponent. This is likely to be the fastest option, as the game starts as soon as another player with QuickStart! is found.
  • The second option is to find an available table from the list of open tables, and click Join.
  • If you would like to customize the game preferences, you can create a new table by clicking on the Create Table button located in the control panel box.

When the new table is created and you have a partner ready to play, click on Start and wait for your partner's confirmation.

How to play Backgammon?

  • This game is played by two players, each with 15 red or white pieces (checkers). The objective is to move all checkers off the table before your opponent does.
  • First click the board to roll the dice, you have as many moves as you roll on the dice. Red checker move from 1-24, white checker from 24-1. Checkers on the top of every tile can be moved, and placed in a triangle area that does not have an opponent’s checker.
  • You can also move checkers to places that only has one of your opponent’s checkers, by doing so the opponent’s checker should move to the “bar” area in the middle of the board.
  • Checkers in bar have to start over from the beginning, you cannot move any other checker until you have moved the checker that is on the bar.

more info: Backgammon Rules | Wikipedia link