What are GameChips?

GameChips, also called chips, are the form of ranking points that we use here at Macro Gamers. GameChips can be won and lost.
  • When you open an account at Macro Gamers, you will receive 1000 free GameChips.
  • If you want to play for higher stakes, you can get additional GameChips from us as you like.
  • You can always get some free GameChips from our bank.

Our policy against cheating and improper behavior.

In order to provide a safe and pleasant gaming environment GameDesire, provides the following safeguards to prevent cheating and improper behavior:
  • Automatic filer tries to remove all occurrences of vulgar language,
  • Special coding automatically mutes shouting and flooding players,
  • Our game plugins are protected and we can track serious attempts that try to modify the coding of the plugins,
  • Some of our games inform users about players that play two games simultaneously,
  • Some of our games inform users about their opponents switching to other programs during gameplay,
  • In case of rated games we penalize (by decreasing rating) players that do not finish their games,
  • Our games can be moderated by admins who help us find people attempting to cheat. Admins can mute other players and remove them from the rooms or tables,
  • In case of multiplayer games, we disallow using two different nicknames from one computer at the same time,
  • In case of multiplayer games we inform users when two or more players are connecting from the same local network to the same table,
  • The results of the games played on our site are logged. Using statistical analysis we can examine them and find cheaters,
  • We maintain game chat logs, to allow for monitoring and review as needed.

Why to buy GameChips?

  • become a virtual millionaire
  • play at high stakes to compete with the best players
  • feel the casino excitement
  • more unforgettable impressions are guaranteed

Why to become a VIP?

  • get 20% GameChips extra with every purchase of at least 100K
  • gain prestigious VIP sign for your login and profile