Relationship status: it's complicated
Interested in: women
Looking for: friendship
Zodiac sign: cancer
Birthday: 1978-06-28
Joined: 2010-01-16
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Points needed: 793
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Poker Texas Hold'em

Poker Texas Hold'em

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Blue book158 days ago
Blue book
Cheers!276 days ago
From: liz_sp
Happy New Year,, Rigs :* :*:*
Peace, Love, Xmas284 days ago
Peace, Love, Xmas
From: liz_sp
Merry Christmas :* :* Rigs
New Year's Surprise285 days ago
New Year's Surprise
Ring my bell286 days ago
Ring my bell
From: gosiaf4545
Merry Christmas Rigs ;):*
Pocket watch1 year 82 days ago
Pocket watch
boo yae, this is showing, in TIME this year, i shall return..........SMILES........poofzeeee, nutso!!!!
Happy New Year 1 year 274 days ago
Happy New Year
New Year's Eve Toasts1 year 276 days ago
New Year's Eve Toasts
Sweet Muffin1 year 284 days ago
Sweet Muffin
Kiss1 year 362 days ago
Axe2 years 119 days ago
Fireplace2 years 124 days ago
From: patisp
happy weekend! kiss...
Kiss2 years 144 days ago
From: patisp
beautiful week for you!! kiss...
Coconut drink2 years 152 days ago
Coconut drink
From: gosiaf4545
Hi Rigs :* have a nice weekend :*;)
Sun2 years 178 days ago
your loyal NUTSO. friend me. hope all is well!!!
Colourful Easter Egg2 years 187 days ago
Colourful Easter Egg
Easter eggs2 years 187 days ago
Easter eggs
Rainbow Easter Egg2 years 188 days ago
Rainbow Easter Egg
From: gosiaf4545
Happy Easter Rigs ;):*
Rainbow Easter Egg2 years 188 days ago
Rainbow Easter Egg
Lucky beer2 years 194 days ago
Lucky beer
From: gosiaf4545
Hi Rigs ;) have a nice weekend :*:D
Money, money, money...2 years 195 days ago
Money, money, money...
From: patisp
Good night,Rigs, good weekend to you too! good luck!!!! kisses ;)

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