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The Woman Behind The ID 2017-06-13

The Woman Behind The ID

This is a recent profile picture of yours truly, taken just yesterday. Some of you know me by Sylvia, Grace, GG or Ellie Mae. I have picked up many nick names through the years and had many ids, but this is the one I always go back to. I have been married to the same man for almost 40 years. I have two children; girl 36 and a boy 35 and three grandchildren ranging in ages from 15 to 11. My family is my pride and joy. Mess with them in any form or fashion and I will tear you to shreds.

In just two short weeks I will turn 59. Some of you might say that is old, and at one time I would have agreed with you, back when I was 25 or younger. However as you age that farther number doesn't seem as old as it did when you were younger. I am in good health, at least I think so. I don't smoke, never have, and I may drink a total of four beers a year. Alcohol is just not something I have ever needed to get me high on life. I can do that with a glass of sweet iced tea and a good song.

In February of 2013 I retired from the work force. Some might say the job I had was a cushy one. It was a political job and the public often reminded me that I worked for them and that they paid my salary so I should do what they were asking me to do. Which in most cases was break the law. I usually would tell the very irrate customer that if they were paying my salary, they were not paying me enough to deal with people like them. I left this job after 35 years of political crap to relax and enjoy my family and life. So far I have been able to do both and live comfortably. I am by no means rich with money, but I am rich with the love of my family and friends.

The internet's online game sites have always been my source of entertainment. I started online in 2001 on the Pogo game site, then moved to Yahoo were I played until Yahoo shut down their pool games. That is how I found Game Desire. Like any other game site it has it's good and bad points. The players have the same demeanors, only the ids have changed for the most part. There are a few that still use their yahoo ids. Some stick to one id, while others make tons of new ones. I fell into the later category. Game Desire allowed you to make an id using almost any font and symbol that you wanted to, which allowed you to make ids with the same letters as others, but just using a different font. This soon grew old and it was harder to keep up with all the ids and passwords.

If you believe in the Zodiac signs and astrology, let me say that I am a Gemini. The symbol for Gemini is a twin. There are times I do feel like two different people, same body and features but different personalitites at times. One day I can be easy going and the next day I can cuss you out like a sailor. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve most of the time, and yes you could say I am just a tad moody. I am not a morning person. I love sleeping in late and staying up late at night. Years of having to be ruled by an alarm clock was the pits.

I have no use for people who harass others, bullying them around, demeaning them by name calling. My first instinct is to come to the defense of the under dog, so yes you could say I do stick my nose where it doesn't belong at times. I am trying to not do this as much, because I have learned that I do not always know the story behind the attack. I have been accused of being a Mother hen and putting my two cents into a conversation when I do not know the entire story. So lets just say I do alot of backspacing when watching the lobby chat.

One thing I will not tolerate is being taken advantage of. I don't like to be talked to with disrespect. I am first and foremost a lady and no lady should ever be talked to as if she was a piece of garbage laying on the side of the road. If you disrespect me you will no longer exist to me. I expect others to show me respect and show respect for my friends. Pissing in my cornflakes is not a good idea. I love playing a good clean game of pool. I don't like being chatted up and will not tolerate it. I am very happily married and I am not looking for an e-fling. Although a Sugar Daddy without benefits for him would be nice. I could use an new pair of flip flops from time to time. LOL Just kidding folks, don't get your knickers in a wad.

Okay this blog turned into a longer one than I anticipated. Hope you have a clearer understanding of the woman behind the id. You now have a face to put with the id. The photo won't remain up for very long because unfortunately there are psychos among us who do steal other peoples pictures and make ids with them. The same is true on Facebook, and I don't get their reasoning behind this.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs, I do hope you find some of them to be entertaining and informational. I love to make people laugh. Laughter is good for the soul and everyone should try it. If I didn't answer a question that you may have about myself, just leave me a comment. If the question is within reason and I can answer it I will.

    •°¤*(¯`★´¯)*¤° God Bless All °¤*(¯´★`¯)*¤°•.







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  • lucy4luck12 days ago
    Sylvia, always a pleasure to read your blogs. You are truly a beautiful person.
  • Very Nice Blog My Friend- 714
  • GritsnGrace10112 days ago
    Thank you all for your kind comments.

    Hi Sharkie, I usually have a play list of a variety of genre that I listen too; soft rock from 70-80, old country, new country, and some of todays pop. You should see me mowing grass with my ipod plugged in jamming to Bon Jovi LOL
  • Stallion_549 days ago
    Gracie ONE! hello my dear friend and a very good morning to you NANA! you a HAPPY BIRFDAY!. May God always Bless you and yours, may he give you many,many more days of good health and YEARS!!...MAKE HISTORY NANA...LOL!...hope to KETCHUP wif ya SOON..hehehe...Ball BUSTIN WOMAN!...LOL!...I meant

  • GritsnGrace1018 days ago
    Awww ty PawPaw Jojo. Very sweet of you to remember me....look forward to taking your points LOL