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Golden Reels Casino Slots

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About me
All round good egg.
Football, Cricket, Rugby Union, most sports, reading, medicine, science.
Favorite movies
Green Street, Bank Job, Snatch, Forrest Gump.
Favorite music
Anything other than country.
Favorite books
Any John Grisham.
Things I like
Nice people, honest people, punctual people, trust worthy people, respectful people, non racist people.
Things I don't like
Racism, antisemitism, people that don't like a little banter or people that act like they're better than everyone else.

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  • Ninja8217 days ago
    This account will no longer be in use. Sadly, my father who used this account had passed away on February 13th of last month.
  • ^bird17 days ago
    Have a nice week
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    Have a nice and happy weekend
  • ^bird23 days ago
    I apologize for this old age
    but it seems to me that it's good music.
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    Greets and I wish you joyful
    and happy week.
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    Have a nice weekend.
  • doce Ken@37 days ago
    ς੭ ❤️
    ...)¯`ϡς੭ܨBom Dia!
    ....`-_Obrigada pelo carinho!❤️ς੭
     ❤️ς੭ܨSe h.o.j.e chover que seja em forma de bênçãos; se fizer sol que este aqueça nossos corações!
           ❤️ς੭ܨ    ❤️ς੭
  • Zana39 days ago
    Miłego tygodnia.

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