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When GD Decides You Will Lose, You will Lose 2018-01-11

When the dishonest GameDesire system decides that you will lose. You will lose.

GD appears to be on the brink of failure. They only had 500 players for their New Year's Tournament.

Every time I play the GD system I leave feeling sick because the hands are so obviously contrived. GD would have tens of thousands of players if they just dealt honest hands.

 I just want to re-iterate. The dishonesty of this firm is what is killing it.
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  • el pirata180 days ago
    Not calculating "suited". 2-7 off suited is the worst pocket cards in that is my focus. Prob of a 2 is 8@% (2% per card, 4 possible) and prob of a 7 (not the same suit) is 6% (w% each of 3). Multiply 8% and 6% and you get .0048.
  • Lena179 days ago
    Oh, now I understand. We did calculate "suited" and "off suited" together. If we talk only about "off suited" 2-7 hand, you had it 16 times, not 24 (I can sen you a screenshot of records from out database). So the number 16 represents 0.9% of 1700, not 1.21%.
    Your calculations of probability of hitting 2-7 hand are almost correct, but you forgot to multiple the number 0.0048 by two. It's necessery, because while caunting probability order matters - you need to calculate for example both (2d7h and 7h2d) hands. So the probability of hitting 2-7 (or 7-2) off suited is 0.96%.
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  • Lena179 days ago
  • RoeVsWade178 days ago
    See how many discrepincies they have.......... because they are trying to cover the obivous! If you play face to face for any length of time, you know the hands dealt here........ to only a select few mind you, the GD shell players, those types of hands you would have to play hundreds and hundreds of thousands to see that good of hands. BUT my biggest question is, is why are the top winners ALWAYS the top winners? Even in the REAL poker world it's not always the same person at the top of the winnings......... but here, totally different. Say the word, just say it RIGGED!
  • newly3178 days ago
    Hagukure makes a good point, and the play money dynamic is a factor in so much "onkey" play.