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     I am constantly amazed by the stupidity of some people and companies.   Let's take the call I got a few minutes ago for example.   I was minding my own business watching some tv, and I got call that came up private n my caller id.   I have a friend that comes up private so i answered it.   It was one of those scammers pretending to be from Microsoft.    The fist stupid thing they said was they were from Microsoft.   Microsoft is not going to call people that never called them, and especially not at 9 pm on a Sunday night.   Then they said they registered malware on my computer trying to get me to let them take it off the computer for me.    I know there is no malware on my computer as I have a paid security/antivirus on my computer, and malware bytes ( a very good product that I have used for years).   I also have ccleaner on my computer, and i run them all regularly.   I also know how to check my registry for errors.   I listened to what the guy said for  a bit then I cut him off with one simple question that if he can see malware on my computer he should know.   I asked him what windows i am running on my computer?   He said Microsoft windows.   I am thinking what an idiot.    I said no i mean is it windows  98  XP  7  8   9 or 10  lol I know there is no 9  I just threw that in there to see if he would tell me there is no 9.   He did not.   He kept asking me to boot up my computer.   If he could really see anything on my computer like he said he did the malware he would have know it was already up.     When he could not tell me what windows I am running  I said ok we're done here,  cause you do not know what you are talking about,and hung up on him.     These people that call you and want you to let them into your computers are idiots, or they think you are an idiot.   Either way I am not letting anyone I do not know in my computer unless I myself call them for help.   I sure am not letting someone that blocks their number in my computer so they can put things on it to make my computer act up to try to trick me into thinking I have problems that I do not, like a certain antivirus company that many use does.
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  • B_A_Gentleman98 days ago
    Hi Jane. Thanks for the interesting and pertinent to the times blog! Congrats on having the "Common Sense" to protect yourself and your PC by not falling for one of the many sheisty shenanigans and scams attempted these days!
    This is my first time noticing and responding to a blog here. I just wanted to add that you should not be "surprised at the Stupidity of people" these days, due to the fact that it is on display everywhere, everyday! Take a look at the current U.S. leadership as one example of how rampant and pervasive stupidity exists!
  • B_A_Gentleman98 days ago
    Part 2 - My real point is that unfortunately that scam that you experienced, and many various others, are perpetrated every moment of every day, every where. Big and small business, etc. exist and take advantage of the stupidity of others and society in general, towards taking advantage of us all and acquiring ill gotten gains. Why is there fine print on contracts, bills and advertisements? Why is there lengthy pages of legalese every time you want to download any app on your PC or phone? If you are one of the few who actually read the "Agreements" and "Terms of Service" then you know that we are asked to give up a lot of info, privacy, access to our info and devices, along with basically selling our souls to access and enjoy basic phone and internet services! Why does a company need access to my photos and contacts inorder for Me to download and play a game? Why do companies ask for your credit card info so that you can receive "free" samples of whatever? Consider your cable/TV/Internet bills, utility bills, taxes, excise taxes, insurance costs etc. Do you ever feel that you are billed/charged correctly?
    I could say more, but leave it at that for now. Do not be surprised of the Stupidity displayed and/or perpetrated by others; it's been happening since the beginning of time, in one way or another. Be happy that you were able to protect yourself, this time. Remember, there are many other types of scams, and We all fall victim to some form of them! If you still don't understand or believe Me, just ask Edward Snowden! ;-)
    Thanks Jane! Take care!
  • Thank you for making me the first you noticed that is a great honor to me. As a post note to my blog I have discovered a wonderful way to get rid of these people trying to get inside computers by fraud. All you need to do is when they say hello, you reply, " THIS CALL IS BEING RECORDED" . Those 5 little words will cause the annoying callers to hang up without saying another word. lol They do not mind lying but they do not want to do it on tape.