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rules for Omaha engagements 2017-09-06

Rookies, please stop being just another A typical rookie ass hole and learn fast that its not about how much you can win as fast as possible, its merely about winning and in slow learners wake, losing.
Before sitting down at a poker table do yourself a bank saving favor and learn what the worst starting hands in poker are and just fold them. So, if you are going to last and be a winner in this game, you must stop hoping while betting on the cards you need and start betting only on the cards you have while realizing high card and one pair means diddly squat.
Here's a percentage breakdown of how almost all hands play out, pay attention: three of a kinds, full houses, straights and flushes make up 80% of the winning hands in Omaha. 12 % of the rest of the winning hands are made up by two pairs meaning what?  4% are straight flushes and the rest is shared by high card, one pair and four of a kinds.
Never go all in without having the nuts. 

Lastly is: fold all hands with a rainbow unless you begin with two face card pairs.

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