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  I have been getting a lot of negative attention from a bunch of ehaters. They do not seem to like my blogs, which btw I did not invite them to read.   I decided to drop by their pages and see what kind of  things they out in their blogs.   I found it interesting to see only 1 of them had courage enough to put stuff out there on their own blogs but they have no problem giving me crap about mine/   I think until they themselves out there for others to judge , they should keep their opinions to themselves.     It is easy to sit back and pick things apart.
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  • Larry@ya13758 days ago
    Hi Leila,

    Just dropping by to say hi! Hope you have a great day.
  • EgoPatrol7 days ago
    now see what u did there leila... u broke larry ))
  • *Rigs*7 days ago
    fck the haters...You just do what you do and don't worry about them....If they dont like YOUR blog they can kiss MY ass, and twice on Sundays....
  • Charente3 days ago
    THERE IS NOTHING WORSE THAN LIARS! and then Liars who tell u it is YOUR FAULT they lied!