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More on betting big "pre-flop" - the Dusty Springfield strategy/ 2018-05-01

Thanks for all the comments.  Some were quite interesting.

Betting really big or going all in every time is what I call the Dusty Springfield strategy.  As she said in her hit song, those players are just "Wishin' and Hopin'"

That said, I still stand by my statement:  Players who be big (more than 20 times the big blind) EVERYTIME, really don't appreciate the game.  I still believe that people who do that simply want the same type of thrill as people who play keno or bingo.  They only love the luck factor and big wins, and that is NOT poker.  Those people are childish and churlish in their behavior.  (Notice I did NOT call them childish and churlish -- just their behavior)
Yes, I know there are different strategies when playing tournaments - I am NOT addressing tournaments here...just table play.  I also understand there are different betting strategies, but "going all in all the time" is NOT a betting strategy.   It is simply leaving things to random luck.   

Betting big pre-flop CAN be part of a betting strategy, but "all in" or 20 times the big blind EVERYTIME is not.  Unless one's strategy is just to "roll the dice and hope" -- and THAT is no strategy.
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  • polymath19 days ago
    using no defined strategy is a strategy in itself
  • lyle24619 days ago
    only if done purposefully...(nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more)
  • BILL@ya11366 days ago
    i've made most of my winnings from big pre flop bettors. the odd time they kill everyone by being so lucky as to win 19 out of 20 hands (which does stupidly happen) i tale solace in the fact that when i check their results these players are negative 20-40 million. one such player was NEGATIVE 2.5 billion. THAT IS WITH A 'B.' now just think about that. it costs roughly 20 bucks to by 1 million chips. this player is negative 2.5 billion. that would mean 2,500 x 20 bucks is what this player would have charged on their credit card to by those chips. this amounts to 50,000 REAL DOLLARS this idiot has paid out to play with pretend money! and you can say maybe they by the bonus discounts when you get twice the amount of chips and sometimes three times the amount. but a player this compulsive i doubt would do that. also, the 2.5 billion loss is just in tournament play for this player, they also have losses in the billions on regular table games too. this player used to have a 'happy face' it is a 'sad face' icon.
  • BILL@ya11366 days ago
    just in case you don't believe this could be possible i just checked the profile page of this player. the players name is bebetobeto. tournament results, NEGATIVE 2.87 billion. ring game results, NEGATIVE 2.67 billion. remember, a billion is 1 thousand millions. this player is a perfect example of how destructive compulsive gambling can be. on a site where essentially the chips are free or very cheap this player has lost tens of thousands of REAL DOLLARS. this player is probably insane. i have seen this player in the big tournaments go all in every hand and constantly rebuy chips, sometimes up to 20 rebuys! occasionally they win the tournament but have spent more to stay in it then they get by winning it. there is something mentally damaged about players like this.