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More on betting big "pre-flop" - the Dusty Springfield strategy/


Thanks for all the comments.  Some were quite interesting.

Betting really big or going all in every time is what I call the Dusty Springfield strategy.  As she said in her hit song, those players are just "Wishin' and Hopin'"

That said, I still stand by my statement:  Players who be big (more than 20 times the big blind) EVERYTIME, really don't appreciate the game.  I still believe that people who do that simply want the same type of thrill as people who play keno or bingo.  They only love the luck factor and big wins, and that is NOT poker.  Those people are childish and churlish in their behavior.  (Notice I did NOT call them childish and churlish -- just their behavior)
Yes, I know there are different strategies when playing tournaments - I am NOT addressing tournaments here...just table play.  I also understand there are different betting strategies, but "going all in all the time" is NOT a betting strategy.   It is simply leaving things to random luck.   

Betting big pre-flop CAN be part of a betting strategy, but "all in" or 20 times the big blind EVERYTIME is not.  Unless one's strategy is just to "roll the dice and hope" -- and THAT is no strategy.