Relationship status: married
Looking for: friendship
Zodiac sign: gemini
Birthday: 1958-06-19
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Golden Reels Casino Slots

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Something about me

About me
Happily married to the same man for the past 41 years. Mother to two; a daughter 38 and a son 36. We have a total of six grandchildren who have filled our lives with so much happiness. After returning from a government job of 35 years, I lazed around for 4 years and then 2 years ago I went back to work part time at my previous job. As soon as I reach 62 next year I plan to retire permanently.
The most important things in life to me are; God, Family and Health. I enjoy computer games, reading, riding my trike, and just being lazy.
Favorite movies
Really don't have any favorite movies.
Favorite music
Love the oldies from the 50's through the 80's...after that music seemed to go down hill for me. I like old country music artists and some of the new country today. Music has always been my go to when I need to relax and de-stress. My mood dictates the type of music I listen to.
Favorite books
I read a lot, so there isn't any one favorite book I have. The books I read depend on the mood I am in.
Things I like
Refer back to interests here. As far as people. I like kind, loving and truthful friends. Someone that doesn't talk down to or about another person. We should always treat others the way we want to be treated ourselves.
Things I don't like
Haters, liars and cheaters. Hating someone takes up so much energy and time, that isn't necessary. Those who do others wrong in any way will meet up with karma one day.

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    Ty for the 5k witch
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    wtg on reels
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    for you... bring hubby... come to jacksonville..... we go fishing.. catch jaws
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    hello dear.. hope ur all doing well..hugggggs n kisses
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    Thanks a bunches sweetie for the cute Punkin gift. Gonna be a chilly night here hopefully the kids will take my granbabies out trick or treating. Hage and ttys...hugssss!
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    LOL hun, which one are you in this picture? ..hahahaa! hage and hugsss! God Bless!!
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