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Happy Thanksgiving all

Not just on Thanksgiving but every day be thankful and mindful of all that you DO have and not the things you don't, sometimes we forget that sometimes we have everything we need it just depends on how we look at it.. Focusing on what you want can and should drive your goals, but it’s absolutely a trap to tell yourself that you’ll be happy when you get this or that, and what happens when you actually get it are you HAPPY? There’s always something more to be wanted, something more to be had , something more to be desired, and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t ever want to improve your circumstances or have nicer things becuz we all want certain things out of life,you can’t let what you don’t have stop you from appreciating what you do have. That’s gratitude. You could always have less. Life always can, and sometimes will, take things away from you, precious, irreplaceable things — when we spend too much effort focusing on the negatives, we find that when these things are lost, we never truly appreciated them, and that’s the biggest feeling of regret there is.For me it's losing people I love family fiends those close to me, you can't get back time so spend it well while you can..I like things just like everybody else, but myself I'd rather be dirt poor and happy as wealthy and miserable anyday :)
Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll

Andddddddddddd Gobble till ya wobble ????