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Reflections on 6 January

Much has been said, written -- possibly shouted -- about the events at the Capitol on 6 January.  While we may all say we eschew, even decry, violence to settle political disputes, those protesters, in my mind, got one thing exactly right.

Every two years, voters are led about by politicians (and the media, but that's another blog) promising, promising, promising -- no promises are ever kept.  Democrats promise to represent minorities, yet conditions for minorities seldom improve.  Republicans promise to cut government spending, yet all that is ever accomplished is to decrement the rate of growth of spending.  These are just examples, and there are many, many more, as we all know.

'So they rile us up, yet fail to deliver.  Meantime, we're all at each other's throats, when our problems are really with our elected representatives.

So while the methodology might have been faulty, was the target inaccurate?