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     What is going on with the mail service in this country today?   In the past month I have had 2 bill payments not show up at the companies to which I issued them.  My neighbor was told by her mail man that he put her package in a locked parcel box and put the key in her locked mail box, but when she opened it no package.   What irritates me is the one bill payment that went missing was to a company that has not received my payments in the past after I sent them.   Ironic thing is after I reissued the payment the original one showed up and was credited to my account too.   I do not know what is going on with the mail service in this country, but I wish they would sort it out.  Before any of you suggest electronic pay may I point out when you put all that info on line it makes it easier for crooks to get hold of your info.   I spent my whole life building good credit and I really do not want it messed up at this time in my life.  I think the postal service should get things sorted out so it runs correctly.   While I am at it i REALLLLLLLLLLY HATE this thing of throwing packages on you porch and not even knocking on the door before they run back to their trucks.  I get it if they do not want face to face contact with the houses they are delivering too, but they should at least knock so people know to look for packages thrown on their porches.  
     I think it would be really cool if someone would invent a box to put the parcels in that would ring a bell inside the house to let the owner know a delivery had been made.  It would also be cool if it was unlocked till the delivery person put the package inside and pushed a button on it to lock it so it could only be opened by the owner.  BTW if any of you think this is a good idea and want to make it, go for it just remember I want a free one for giving you the idea lol.