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Have you ever had something that would have been so easily resolved and you hit one road block after another till finally you give up and do something for the principle of it. Little less then a year ago i bought a HP keyboard/mouse combo. I chose hp because I own 2 hp towers and about 4 hp cameras. My first digital camera was an hp and I still have it and it still works over 20 years later. So I had thought the hp keyboard would be a good purchase.
I had not had the keyboard long when I discovered it would drop the occasional letter with no pattern. I thought It may have been the usb port so I moved it to another port, and when I still had the problem I tried another port. Three different ports and it would still drop letters. The more I tried to sort out the problem the more annoyed I got. Finally I contacted hp as the box said the keyboard had a one year warranty and the year had not passed yet.
First I contacted walmart as that was where I bought it. They told me after 90 days I would need to contact hp so I did. imagine my surprise when I was told that EVEN THOUGH THE BOX SAID IT HAD A LIMITED ONE YEAR WARRANTY that it was obsolete when i bought it, and apparently walmart should have updated the warranty.🙄 Are you kidding me. I told them I had already talked to walmart and they said it was a hp problem. Hp told me to send a copy of proof of purchase withing 24 hours. I sent it in 2 hrs , but heard no reply from them about it, so in about 2 weeks I called them again. I told them I had sent the proof 2 hrs after they told me i had 24 hrs, and did not hear anything back. Then they asked me to resend the proof. Again they said the warranty was invalid, EVEN THOUGH THE BOX HAD NOT EXPIRATION DATE FOR THE ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON IT. I sent it again and asked them what the point was, but they never answered that question. They told me they could not replace it because it was obsolete. OK fair enough I was disappointing they had not honored their warranty, but was willing to accept it even thought I was not happy. At that time I still had the defective keyboard, but the more I looked at it the more angry, so 2 weeks ago monday I had thrown it away, because I had given up on the thought hp would honor their warranty.
Two days later I got an unexpected email from hp saying they had reinstated my warranty and now send me a replacement for the defective keyboard, but I would have to return the defective keyboard ( that was now in a land fill) and if I did not send it back they would bill me for the new one. I was like are you SERIOUS no one told me you were even trying to fix this mess or to keep the keyboard to send back IF YOU COULD EVEN FIX THIS. When I told them no way was I paying for the keyboard to replace the one I had bought that was defective. They transferred me to another department. I was told without the damaged one that they could not replace it unless I paid for the new one . No way was that happening I had already bought a new keyboard from logi. So then I was transferred to another department which called me back yesterday. I was told they could give me a coupon for the hp store for the amount of the purchase of the original keyboard, BUT HERE IS THE CATCHES I had to use it in the hp store for only hp merchandise. I would probably have taken that deal TILL THEY HIT ME WITH THE DEAL BREAKER. They said to use the coupon I would need to spend more in the hp store on hp products then the $25 coupon. I was like let me get this straight. You are willing to give me a coupon for the defective product that you should have honored the one year warranty when I first contacted you, BUT NOW YOU WANT ME TO SPEND MORE MONEY ON HP PRODUCTS when I am starting to doubt the quality is what it once was. I told them FORGET IT I DO NOT WANT A COUPON THAT WILL MAKE ME SPEND MORE ON PRODUCTS I DO NOT TRUST LIKE I ONCE DID.
What makes me maddest is had they honored the warranty the first time I contacted them I would have still had the old one to send them. I told her hp realllllllllly needs to put and expiration date on the warranty stamp if they do not plan to honor them after a certain date. I told them I do not want the coupon if I need to add more money to it to use it, that I would just call it a learning expedience and write a blog and call it done, because it is about the principle now.