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I am a big fan of the movie/ audio/and book: "A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN ". It is a really good book and this audio link is really good > https://bookaudiobook.com/a-tree-grows-in-brooklyn-audiobook/ . I have been listening to the chapters for three days and am still not through it yet. The reader is really good at what she does. I find myself thinking in the pattern of the reader. 😁 It is odd is it not how hearing someone else's words long enough can make your own thought thoughts manifest in your own head in the voice and patter of another.
I love audio books because I may suck the words of the book into my mind and still do something else at the same time. With my audio books playing in the background I can paint, or look for photos on the net, or fold and put away clothes I have watched earlier, or clean the house. It is a joy to be able to enjoy good literature while you are able to get other things done too. I can only hope to someday be as good a writer as Betty Smith the writer of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I hope you all check out the link and enjoy it as much as I am.


We should Respect others just like we would wish for them to respect us in return. Loyalty is always a good thing to have. To know someone will be there for you when you need them will give you a wonderful sense of security. Understanding is something that could save the world if more people possessed it. Kindness is something many people especially on the net have forgotten how to use. Tolerance, if more people were tolerant of the little things others around us do that bug us there would be less fighting. Everyone should be more helpful of others. Helpfulness to someone in need is a great virtue that some have lost. Calmness is something we all need to practice. A calm mind is a clearer mind, which makes up better able to take on the worlds proles. We should all show compassion to those worse off then ourselves Lend a hand when you can. Honor , It is my opinion if you have no honor you have nothing of value. Responsibility is something we all get as we go through lift. So many of this younger generation like to pass on the duties of caring for their children to the children's grandparents. I blame the grandparents for this. They should make their children grow up and take care or their own children. If we all used these words more often there would be less fighting in the world.


I used to have a friend who told someone once that I live in the internet. At the time I was mad he said that I could not see the truth. Back then I was on line nearly all day every day. As years go by I have cut my net time down a lot, but I still spend from 3 to 6 hrs a day on line. With this covid thing and me living alone, there is not much else to do.
I recently noticed something. There are people tangled tighter in the net the am I. Over the years I have found that ignore button is one of the nets best features. 😀 Someone offends you just click ignore on them and they are gone from your net life. Would be great if you could do that in real life. What really amazes me is how many people would rather get mad or hurt feelings instead of simply clicking ignore on someone bothering them. They would rather either argue with the offending person, or complain to their friends about this terrible person that they really do not even want to talk to a ( so they say). If they really do not want to talk all they have to do is use the ignore button, and poof they gone. They have no more stress or harassment. The ignore button took care of them in a flash. So I really do not know why some people refuse to use it.
Ironic is it not some of us come to the net to get rid of some of the stress of daily living in a pandemic world, only to find more stress on the net then anywhere else.
So in conclusion if someone bothers you, right click on their id and click ignore. Let the person iggied set there and talk to themself.


Something happened today that made me think of my Aunt Gin. I rarely think of her as she died many years ago, and she and I did not get along well anyhow. She used to say her one daughter could cut you to pieces without even raising her voice. She meant that her daughter would emotionally cut you up, not that she physically even touched the one at which she was aiming.
I am not sure if people know or even realize how their words may affect others, but some people can devastate others with only a word or 2, especially if what they say is not the truth. It hurts to have someone think something about you that is not true, especially if you care about the person speaking the words.
Sometimes the words are spoken in anger, but more often then not they are spoken out of frustration. Unfortunate words spoken in frustration can sometimes feel like words spoken in anger to another person. I was trying to help my brother format a some tablets recently. I was already stressed when he and his wife arrived unexpected. I was trying to hook one of the tablets to my computer. The cord did not fit. My brother said the end is tapered and did I turn the taper the right way. I answered him yea I had. Couple seconds later he asked the same question again. I was getting frustrated and I snapped at him YES I DONE TOLD YOU YES I HAD IT RIGHT. He got really quiet and I realized I hurt his feelings. I said look I am sorry if I hurt your feelings but I had already answered that question. He said well I did not hear it. In retrospect I think my brother is losing his hearing, as this is not the first time he has said he could not hear me. It is a bit ironic though as most people think I speak too loud lol.
Just little things we say to someone when we are frustrated can hurt them deeply. I have also found if I am in pain i get cranky myself and it does not take much to either make me angry or to hurt my feelings. Too bad we can not see the effects of what we are about to do before we actually do it.


I want to bounce something off you all. I do not think it is so much the color of someone's skin that is the cause of so much discord in this country. I think it is more the perspective that that causes the problem. I may have mentioned before I live in an area where there is nearly no problems with color. I think it is because most of the people in my neighborhood know how to be polite and respectful of each other. When we talk to each other we do it respectfully. Anyone is going to bristle if someone comes at them from out of no where screaming and yelling at them for something they did not even know was bothering them. Even though the guy I spoke to today about his music was not inclined to turn it down he was very polite as he told me he was not going to and why, but when I explained exactly why I wanted it cut back some and he realized I did live quite some distance from his house he did agree to cut it back a little. That is all it takes is a little compromising.
Before he realized how far away I lived he tried to give me money first he offered me a 20. I told him politely i did not want his money, then he offered a 100 and I told him again it is not about money it is about my health. I explained how the base effects my health and that no amount of money would fix that. Like I said in the end he did cut it back a bit. I told him it is not all the music, just the base. It was a beautiful day today and I was not trying to keep he and his friends from enjoying it, but I wanted to enjoy it too. I really think if more people would speak softer instead of yelling there would not be so much hate and violence in this world.
I did not used to understand that saying : Speak softly and carry a big stick before, but now I get it. You speak softly, because more can be achieved by calmly talking things out, but you carry the big stick in case you find someone who is not interested in talking and only wants to fight.