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     I was wondering just what color is the truth? I saw something posted on the front page of another site, and it started out with big red words.   The font would get one's attention that is for sure, but just because it got the attention, does the red color make the words there true?  There was a several paragraph declaration proclaiming their innocence  to something someone allegedly said to them.   When I read it a quote came to mind. " Methinks thou dost protest too much " - A Famous Quote by William Shakespeare.   It just seemed to me that this person was trying desperately to convince people they were telling the truth by screaming at them in red letters.  I would love to know the color of truth in other peoples minds. I always thought the expression was true blue not rue red lol.
    My thing is IF you are REALLY telling the truth those who know you best will know it, BUT IF YOU ARE NOT no amount of red ink or yelling will not turn a lie into the truth.  Something to think about when posting such things on a full page speech.
   I always thought red was the color of anger,but just because you are angry dies not mean that you are telling the truth.   It could mean you are angry because you got caught doing something you should not have been doing. lol


     One of my favorite movies this time of year is It's a Wonderful Life.   I got to thinking how God sent someone down to help when George was in trouble, because many people in town were praying for God to help him.   I wonder if we would all pray for God to help us with this covid19, if he would take pity on us and do away with the virus?    They say with God all things are possible, so he should be able to eliminate it if he so desired.  Maybe just maybe if we all asked him for help he would see fit to help us out of this mess, so we could have a Merry Christmas this year.   As it stands my family will be canceling the Christmas gathering this year, as are many more I am sure.   I really believe everything happens for a reason.  I am just having trouble seeing the reason for a year for people to die from a virus that no one knows how to stop. Maybe just maybe if we all got together and turned it over to the lord he would know how to fix it.


     In point of fact there have been 5 presidents elected to office who DID NOT win the popular vote, but got enough electoral enough to win by use of the Electoral College: John Quincy Adams 1824, Rutherford Hayes 1876, Benjamin Harris 1888, George W. Bush 2000, and Donald Trump 2016 himself all were put into office by the electoral college despite everyone of them winning the popular vote.

     You may say 5 people being made president EVEN THOUGH MOST OF THE PEOPLE IN THE COUNTRY DID NOT WANT THAT PERSON, is not a bad average, but do you not think EVEN ONE wrong person put in office , one that most of the people did not want in, is one too many.  That is why I think the EITHER the Electoral College should be done away with OR all the states should have the same amount of electoral votes.  I know you are going to say some states have more people than others.  I would like to point out in the senate each state only gets 2 representatives and it works well.  As it stands now the presidential caniates put most of their focuses on getting the states with the most electoral votes to vote for them.   The fact John Quincy Adams became president in 1824 even though he lost the popular vote shows the system was flawed for 196 years and it should have been fixed or done away with then.

     There are 2 states that may have a better solution to this problem then either I have offered. Maine and Nebraska have a different take on the elections for president.   Maine and Nebraska are the only states in the nation that split their Electoral College votes. Maine awards two of its four electoral votes to the statewide winner, but also allocates an electoral vote to the popular vote winner in each of its two congressional districts. Nebraska gives two of its five electoral votes to the statewide winner, with the remaining three going to the popular vote winner in each of its three congressional districts.< something like that nation-wide may fix the problem too


     With the 2020 presidential election winding down, I was just wondering, does anyone else think the electoral college is a really stupid way to run an election.   Seriously it makes no sense.  The only way it would make sense is if ALL states got exactly the same amount of electoral votes.  As recent elections have shown it is possible to win the election for president if you get more electoral votes, even if you did not get the most popular votes.  When your states votes go to the man with the most votes in your state it is basically saying your vote meant nothing if you did not vote for that person.   What ever happened to one man one vote concept?  When the electoral college puts people in office THAT WERE NOT the ones most of the people wanted in office, how is that democracy.  I was taught democracy was a government of the people by the people and for the people, but the electoral college over rides that, because it is not the will of the people that is putting the president into office. It is an archaic concept that may have worked long ago , but has become obsolete today and should be done away with now.  The popular vote should put the president in office,because it is the will of the people. 


     Lately I am beginning to wonder why people think very one should be perfect?  It seems like lately if anyone misspeaks and says something wrong right away people are on top of it.  We all need to learn tolerance.   Sometimes people say things that may hurt another persons feelings, and that is sad.  Thing is THIS IS THE USA people are allowed to say how they feel, and if it does not break any laws EVERYONE can say what they want. 
     The bigger thing to do would be to forgive those that hurt us, especially if they apologize for what they do that hurt you.   It is wrong to not forgive someone who says something that they did not know would hurt your feelings before they said it.   Our forefathers fought for our rights to say what we want.   Now people are getting so thin skinned they take every little remark personally.   This country became great because of their differences.  
     Now at the risk of making people angry I really think I need to say I am so sick of this black lives matter thing.  SERIOUSLY! ALL LIVES MATTER !   I personally treat EVERYONE the same ,regardless of color or nationality. I think everyone has a right to live their life in any way they wish, right up till the point where it interferes with my personal rights.
There is a great line in the musical Oklahoma. It is: I AM NOT BETTER THEN ANYONE ELSE , BUT I WILL BE DANGED IF I AIN'T JUST AS GOOD.  People need to start seeing and treating each other just as you want to be treated yourself.  
   WHY CAN WE NOT ALL JUST LIVE AND LET LIVE?   So many people do not realize what they can learn from others if they gave the a chance instead of  judging  people by their color. When they should look to their hearts,
     I had a friend when I was in grade school.  She was the first black person I ever met, and she was sweet and kind.   Back then they would give out writing certificates if your writing improved over the year.  I got none because my writing had not improved enough. If it were now everyone would have gotten one even if they did not improve. My friend saw I was sad because I did not get a certificate.  She took off the  homemade necklace she was wearing, and gave it to me to try to make me feel better. I still have that necklace after 52 years.  Anyone looking at it that did not know the story about it would think it was junk, but to me it is a priceless memento from a good friend.
     On an unrelated subject. I wish people would learn to ignore people when they say mean things to you.  You ignore it they will stop in time, but if you respond you will be giving then the attention the crave.