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Minimum is all

Has anyone ever noticed how some people will definitely do the minimum to help out when needed, but will refuse to do anything if there is someone else that can do it instead? I do not know if it is just a younger person thing or it is spreading through out the population.
I remember one time when I was about 25, I had my niece and my friend's daughter out for a nice summer walk through the neighborhood near my home. We came upon these 2 little old ladies trying to cut down a bush. I realized someday I would be old too and may need some help with something, so I offered to help them. I finished cutting it down for them. They wanted to pay me I told them no someday I may need help and I hope someone will help me but that I would take a drink of water if they had it. They brought out 3 sodas one for me and one for each of the children I had with me that waited so patiently while I cut the bush out for the ladies. It is funny how things like that can come back in your favor. I now have a neighbor that will help me when I need it. I got me a little good karma that day.
I have seen people who would see people working on something and walk on by without ever asking if they needed any help or they would help a little and when more helpers show up they leave instead of staying till the job is done. It is like people think I do not need to try to help so and so will do it.