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Tropical drink 7 years 360 days ago
Tropical drink
Fireplace 7 years 361 days ago
Warming tea 7 years 364 days ago
Warming tea
Fireplace7 years 364 days ago
Deck of cards 8 years ago
Deck of cards
Money8 years 9 days ago
ha HA. LAUGHING SO *HARD* when received your last goodie message!! smiles...need billions of bucks, then i play!!! smiles
Kiss 8 years 10 days ago
Magic lamp8 years 10 days ago
Magic lamp
another happy lucky woo hoo jackpot win, mr. riggy, got the jiggy!! how did you get that free bonus to stick??!!!smilesssss
Jack-o'-lantern 8 years 19 days ago
Jack-o'-lantern 8 years 19 days ago
Warming tea8 years 27 days ago
Warming tea
I LOVE THISSSSSSSSS...in a british accent- a cup of tea? still NUTSO
Lady bug8 years 37 days ago
Lady bug
Good day, dear! Sweet kiisses ;*
Yacht8 years 42 days ago
if you cant get your cruise, how about a yacht?! when i win lottery, i will get you real cruise. smiles
Trophy8 years 42 days ago
*spoiled* here is your trophy for success in your health regime...smiles
Candy box8 years 42 days ago
Candy box
they say, if you want something- give it. i wanted this on my bd, so i am giving it to you and me..smiles
Cheerful kitten 8 years 43 days ago
Cheerful kitten
Vampire's kiss8 years 45 days ago
Vampire's kiss
congrats on your 21 jackpot!!! smiles
Bull's eye 8 years 46 days ago
Bull's eye
Money 8 years 51 days ago
Water8 years 52 days ago
daily drink. good for you mr. rr. smiles
Devil heart 8 years 55 days ago
Devil heart

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