Game etiquette

At Macro Gamers you can meet new people, enjoy your favorite games and have the opportunity to learn new games. In Game Etiquette you will find directions on how to use this site, how to spend quality time here and how other players can enjoy your companionship. Remember that you are playing with other who like you, want to enjoy the chats, emotions, pleasure of meeting people and gaming satisfaction. Don’t disappoint them with inappropriate behavior. Act like you would like others to act towards you. If you want to express your opinion don’t be aggressive, try to explain your point with respect towards other players. Remember that it’s only a game. Please play by the rules of the game until a winner is decided. Please remember that a violation of Game etiquette may cause a ban on your account and loss of access to Macro Gamers.

  • A Nickname is the name chosen by you and used as the user log-in for this site,
  • Nicknames can not:
    • Be offensive to other people, especially because of their race, religion, history, nationality, sexual preferences or actions,
    • Be vulgar, or contain therein vulgar words in other languages. Forbidden also are synonyms and short cuts of swears,
    • Contain names and signatures associated to other players or Admins that can misguide others about their identity.
    Remember that all nicknames violating rules above can be blocked without warning and explanation.
  • Nicknames can not be:
    • changed – think twice before you choose one,
    • transferred to another person,
    • used during next registration, even if account was deleted,
    • given to another person. Your account is your responsibility at all times and misuse by another party, may cause your account to be banned.
    You can have only one account on this site. Use the site according to its purpose; you won’t need more than one account. We may assume that a person who uses more than one account is acting with unfair intentions.
  • Use a method of complete confidentiality. Do not tell anyone your password, credit card numbers, address or any other private data. If a user is acting as a Support employee and asking you about such information, he/she is an impostor and you should notify us immediately.
  • Choose a hard password for your account that contains numbers. Do not use any popular words, banal combinations of letters or numbers, your name or the names of your children or spouse.
  • Do not give anyone via chat information about your private life. Remember that you can encounter a person that may try to use your private information for unlawful reasons.
Conversations with players
  • Please treat others as you if you were playing face to face. Don’t use vulgar words, offenses, word attacks or provoke conflicts. Sometimes it’s better to be silent than to regret your words later.
  • Do not disturb other players conversation, do not flood, do not abuse capital letters as it makes chat illegible. Do not promote other web pages.
  • Do not ask other players to gratuitously give you GameChips (beggary).
  • Be friendly and forgiving to other players, we all make mistakes. Remember that there will be people of different cultures on the site, not everyone is speaking the same language. Please be tolerant of all languages. If someone is asking for your advice or information, try to help.
  • Do not escape before end of game. Numerous escapes can cause a decrease in your ranking and temporary block your access to game.
  • Do not delay games or in any way to discourage an opponent. Do not disturb another player’s game, especially with your remarks.
  • When you are entering a table, you should ask the other players if you can join. Sometimes a seat is reserved and players are waiting for a certain person to join.
  • Be fair. Any attempts to cheat in a game will be punished which could include a ban from site.
Administrator (Admin)

An admin may decide to ban user from the site (temporary or permanently) or to mute his chat, even without warning if a violation of the rules is unquestionable. The final decision is made by Support. If after expiration of penalty the player is still acting inappropriate, punishment may be increased to even permanent ban from site.
The admin is individually judging if the Game Etiquette or Terms of Service have been violated, but he/she is not obliged to act in case of such situations and is not responsible for non acting if such a violation took place. If you think that an admin didn't act fairly, you can send a complaint, using the contact form in the Help tab.

Player complaints

If a player disagrees with the actions or punishment of an admin, he/she may send a complaint to SuperAdmin of game or Support.
Player should send in writing:
  • His/her Nickname
  • A description of the problem/conflict
  • Game and Room names
  • Time & Date
All complaints about league rooms are handled only by the owners of such rooms. Support will be acting in league rooms only in cases of hard violations of Game etiquette or Terms of Service.

Other rules
  • It’s forbidden to use games and chats unlawfully or against the Terms of Service, in particular, to advertise, spam, sell (especially GameChips), send pornographic content or other material which is in conflict with universal rules of morality.