Thanksgiving Day


In 1621, pilgrims from England organized a dinner in Plymouth to thank God for having survived this difficult journey and for the abundant harvest. This is how the tradition was born. We also want to thank you for being there. We have prepared a lot of surprises for this occasion.


Thanksgiving Gifts



All GameDesire players know that one of the best ways to express your gratitude is to give a gift to another person. Therefore, we have prepared a special edition of Thanksgiving Day gifts. Give your friends one of them. Let them know that you remember.




Free chips as a thank you!



Please note, during the whole week of thanksgiving (22 - 27.11), a special notification containing the Bonus Code will appear at an unknown time. The 15 fastest players who click on it will receive a bonus of 20,000 chips! Tip: Notifications will only appear at full hours.

Show your reflexes and grab the bonus.


A Flying Turkey for everyone!



On the occasion of Thanksgiving, the flying bonus is active again!

75 000 000 CHIPS

Top up your account completely for FREE!