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the 3 wishes

A devil appeared to a woman and offered her 3 wishes:
,and he said but everything I give you your husband will have "10 times more."
She thought about it for a moment and agreed.
1st. Wish: WOMAN: I want to be very, very rich.
DEVIL: remember that your husband will be "10 times more than you."
WOMAN: no problem, mine is his and his is mine... the woman became rich and her husband 10 times richer.
2nd. WISH: WOMAN: I want to be immensely beautiful.
DEVIL, remember that your husband will be "10 times more handsome" and many will be after him.
WOMAN: It doesn't matter, it's no problem, I'm not jealous... the woman became immensely beautiful.
3rd. WISH: WOMAN: I want a very small heart attack, mild, that is just a substitute, nothing more.
THE DEVIL devil remained mute, and thought, "and he thought, unfortunate thing, she already killed him and kept everything.