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“Life gives you lots of chances to screw up which means you have just as many chances to get it right.
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About me
My names Hope, Ima farm girl from Tennessee :)
Life and all it has to offer, my family is the most important thing in my life..I love photography not only is it my passion but my job..I love the farm life and spending all the time I can here,, love horses and I try to ride most everyday., Love to play piano and guitar some banjo and fiddle..I am a true MUSIC JUNKIE :)
Favorite movies
Anything disney, :) .. drama true life stories.
Favorite music
Anything but headbanging metal that just gives this gal a headache ;)..
Favorite books
too many to mention..
Things I like
Quiet time with a good book, a heart to heart talk with a good friend at 3 am, thats when you learn the most about a person I think when the guard is down and they are content and most are at 3 am :)..
Things I don't like
ANYONE who is prejudice against another person for any reasons,especially color, THE very BEST of any person is not what you see but what and how that person makes you feel !! We were all created by the same God, we are equals in his eyes and we all equal in mine .. each one of us was born butt naked with nothing to our name and we are all gonna leave this earth hopefully clothed :) but we wont take anything we gained on earth with us . We each feel the same pain the same happiness the same feelings of loss. Kindness Compassion Love the world needs more of that not hate and prejudice.. and if you don't agree with me that's ok too, we all have our opinions but sorry I won't and cannot be friends with you if you are prejudiced..

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    thanks for add
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    Hello I wish you a weekend full of fun and positive thoughts!

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    Good morning

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    drive by snowflake hunting
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    Have a nice week

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    Thank you and same to you danezul_37
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    I wish you a nice weekend

  • Enjoy this song....
    i really like this song..
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    Thank you Hope, it has been a busy Sunday here. Hope you have enjoyed yours!

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