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I used to have a friend who told someone once that I live in the internet. At the time I was mad he said that I could not see the truth. Back then I was on line nearly all day every day. As years go by I have cut my net time down a lot, but I still spend from 3 to 6 hrs a day on line. With this covid thing and me living alone, there is not much else to do.
I recently noticed something. There are people tangled tighter in the net the am I. Over the years I have found that ignore button is one of the nets best features. 😀 Someone offends you just click ignore on them and they are gone from your net life. Would be great if you could do that in real life. What really amazes me is how many people would rather get mad or hurt feelings instead of simply clicking ignore on someone bothering them. They would rather either argue with the offending person, or complain to their friends about this terrible person that they really do not even want to talk to a ( so they say). If they really do not want to talk all they have to do is use the ignore button, and poof they gone. They have no more stress or harassment. The ignore button took care of them in a flash. So I really do not know why some people refuse to use it.
Ironic is it not some of us come to the net to get rid of some of the stress of daily living in a pandemic world, only to find more stress on the net then anywhere else.
So in conclusion if someone bothers you, right click on their id and click ignore. Let the person iggied set there and talk to themself.