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     I think what happened to George Floyd was awful.   No one should ever have to die lie that, and I think the officer should have gotten first degree murder for it.   That haven been said, I really hope someone out there can explain a few things to me. First thing I did not understand was some are blaming Trump for something involving this case. What do they think he has to do with it ?  He was not even there.  The second thing I do not understand is how does breaking into stores, looting, and killing people that had nothing to do with this event when it happened, make anything better?   If the anger was just directed at the officer that did it or the people that stood by and let it happen I would understand it, but breaking into businesses, some in other states and calling it a protest of the event makes no sense to me.
     I did however see a protest that made a lot of sense.  The protesters were laying on the ground with their hands behind their backs chanting I can't breathe. That makes sense they were reenacting the event that killed Mr Floyd.
     I think some people just use anything the can find as a reason to destroy things and steal things, and I do not think that behavior does anyone any good. 
     If you find an injustice and want to protest it by all means do so, but do it in an orderly manner and keep your actions related to the event you are protesting.


   With all this stay at home stuff I have finally gotten around to doing something I have put off for decades.   I do not know how many of you collect greeting cards, but I have nearly every Birthday card and most of the Christmas cards I ever got.   For years they have been stored in little boxes under my bed. The plan was always to put them in photo albums so the pictures could be accessed at a flip of the page.  I actually started that project last week. I have filed one album and am waiting on more sleeves to do others.
     I have found cards I forgot I ever got. Many meant very much to me at the time I got them, that is why I kept them. It hurts a little when you come across cards from people that used to mean so much to you, and they say love you or love always, but these people have walked out of your life.   I came across several cards from a girl I have know sense she was a kid i used to babysit her and her sisters.  I thought of this girl as a sister, and now she will drive right past my house without even waving.  Her sisters are always happy to see me when I run into them put somewhere, but she never even lets on like she sees me, so I have stopped going up to her.  It is clear for what ever reason she has chosen to leave her old life and friends behind( I am not the only one she does this to).  NOW HERE IS THE IRONY OF THIS: When my brother got married and moved away my friend made a remark about him needing to remember where he came from. How ironic is it that she has forgotten where she came from?  Thing is my brother never forgot where he came from. When our residents counsel needed a freezer for our food bank my brother came and took me to get it for them and carried it into the community hall and set it up for us, and he did this on a moments notice.  Someone who has forgot where they came from would not drop everything to help when their old neighborhood needed it.   I guess it is like that old quote says, : You should be careful who you judge, because someday you yourself may become the very thing you say you are against"  < that is not the exact quote , but you get the idea.
     I found many cards from friends and  realities who have been dead for years.   It makes me smile they once loved me so much , but it makes me sad they are not longer here with us.   I also found Christmas cards from my ex and another friend that is no longer my friend.   Another piece or irony for you : We keep cards to remember, not realizing at the time that someday the people that gave them to you will not longer be in your life for one reason or another, so all you will have is the memory.
     Ok I have let all those feelings out now I need to get back to some more catching up. I still have at least 3 more boxes of cards to find, and the new binder will be here tomorrow :)


     I saw something on tv today that puzzled me a bit.  It seems that some people think we are living in a computer simulation. That is an interesting thought, but that is all it is is a thought.   I say this because  IF I had made such a program I most certainly would not have designed it so the characters could realize they were not real. Would that not mess up the whole  point of making the simulation.   I really think the people who came up with this may have watched too much Star Trek TNG . They did an episode where professor moriadi  < prob misspelled  that lol In a Sherlock
Homes  scene  in the hollow deck became aware he was a player in a scene.  lol Here is another thing if it really was a simulation  Why would we remember people that died?


     I will be glad when this virus is under control and people can once again show their faces in public.   I went out to a store for the first time sense this started last night, and I noticed many people were having as much trouble with these masks as I am. I understand they are for everyone's good, and we must do this for the protection of everyone.  What I really hate is with the masks on you can not see if someone is smiling at you in a friendly way, because they are glad to see you.  Or if they are frowning and really do not want you around.  I had not thought about this much till yesterday.  I took a short walk WITH MY MASK ON and as I passed a neighbor who was also wearing a mask I smiled at them. It was then that I realized they could not see I was smiling at them, because the mask blocked the smile.   I got to thinking maybe I should make a mask with a smile painted on the front of it.  I did not realize till last night now much I rely on peoples facial expressions to tell me how they feel.   Too bad we can not breath through plastic.  If the masks were made of clear plastic we would be able to see if someone was smiling, but I know that would be impossible . The masks would kill people faster then the virus lol. 
     I have way too much time on my hands to think of silly things.  Thing is when you live alone you have much time to just think if you can not get out and see other people.   I was in the hospital the other day and even my doctor who shakes my hand every time I see him restrained himself from doing so. I really believe people need human touch sometimes. If you have a family living with you, you still have that touch, but if you live alone it really is isolation.
     I hope the scientists come up with a good way to manage this virus soon, but I am a realist and doubt anything will be truly control able for at least a year, and by then it will have mutated again.   Too bad they can not find the factors that are common in all strains of the virus, and target those elements. That way if it mutates theoretically any vaccine they came up with would work n all strands of it.



     Some of you may remember a blog I did some months back about a friend of mine, and the fact she does not answer her phone.   Last time I spoke to her her water had broken and she was on her way to the hospital,   It has been over a month sense that call, and it was back to her not answering her phone again.  Now today out of nowhere I got a blue envelope in the mail, with no return address.   Inside this envelope were 3 cards from my friend.  Two of the cards were late birthday cards.   The one was covered in glitter and it had some of the most beautiful words in it.  My friend had written to tell me that she wanted to thank me for something I did not know I did << her words.   She went on to tell me that she had had her little girl and she was beautiful and healthy, and it was because of what I said to her before she knew she was pregnant.   Her doctor wanted to set her up with a DNC .   I told her that sense she had been being throwing up that before she had a dnc ( which would have scrapped everything from her uterus. )  I asked her if she was pregnant and she said she should not be because she had been treated for cancer.   I told her well you should check that out before the dnc.   I told her if she did happen to be pregnant she would want to hold off the dnc.  I know her, I told her if she did not check it out and she was pregnant she wouldn't be able to live with herself, if she had the dnc and then found out she was pregnant and had killed her child.
    Sure enough she was pregnant.   The medical people wanted her to have the dnc and not risk having the child at all,   She remembered me telling her she would regret it . She told the doctor she was going to have the baby.   She sent me a picture of the baby she is beautiful. She calls her, her miracle  child.


   I have talked about honesty and trust before, and I need to talk about it again.   Not very long ago someone I have know for years told me somethings, and I believed him.  Now just today I found he and some of his buddies had all lied to me about a subject close to my heart.   It hurts when you trust someone is telling you the truth and less then a week later you find out it was all lies.   I don't  know what is worse having someone you trusted lie to you or having them blame it on others when you ask them why they did it.  
     Just imagine how much better this world would be if people were all honest and you could really trust someone's word.   I do not know, maybe I should stop trusting everyone or not, but that is not my style.   I will probably keep trusting people and getting hurt when they do not live up to it.  I wish people came with neon signs that would pop out of their heads when they were telling a lie, so everyone knew it.


   When you can not go anywhere you find you have a lot of time to think.   Sometimes they are helpful thoughts sometimes they are just things running round in your head cause you are bored.   Like this morning, I had a thought I wondered what those that settled in this country would think about what is going on now.   They left their homes in wooden ships that were at the mercy of the winds.  Once they set out in open oceans they were trapped on these ships for months at a time till they either got to land or died on the trip.   There was no social isolating back then, because there was no way to get away from the others on the trip with you.  
     I just wonder what they would think of today's people,with their selfish and entitled attitudes.  Back then people worked together and took care of each other.   They had to, because they needed each other.   Now a days everyone is so sucked into their devices, even when they are together in a room , many are not really there mentally.
     I do not know what is more annoying those that hoard supplies like it is the end of the world or the news media that is deliberately scaring people more then they need to to get higher ratings .n1.gif?v=122  The one thing I do know is people need to calm down a little and look at all the FACTS not the drama on the media.   Many people get this virus, but only a small present are  actually dying from it when the number of people that get it is compared to the number that die form it.
   Back to my first thought. The original settlers did not stop living , because they thought if they went out they would die.   They quarantined those that needed it and the rest of the community kept going.
     Bottom line is this country has dealt with other outbreaks of contagious diseases in the past and we are still here.  I have no doubt we will still be here when this thing is gone.   I am also sure sometime in the future there will be another outbreak of some other disease, and I just hope this one helps the government see it would be a good idea to have a plan for the next time , before we need it.  Ok I will shut up now I just needed to get that out of my head. 


      I just saw this on posted :White supremacists discussed plans to weaponize coronavirus.  How stupid can you get? viruses do not see color or race.   Apparently they plan to use it in spray bottles.  Are they so stupid they do not realize once it is in the air it could infest anyone coming in contact with it EVEN THEMSELVES or their loved ones.   People need to stop trying to hurt each other and put their efforts into helping those that need it. 
     Fact is even in the best of times our days are limited so why waist your short time on this planet hating someone for something they can not change.   I do not know what drives someone to even think of an idea like that.  When you take a look at the odds of any one person even being born, one can not help but think you are here because God wanted you here so why would you here.  I know some of you will say why did he want those that hate others because of the color?  But we have free choice and I chose to believe people like that are not following the path that was planed for them at their conception, but that will be for a higher power to sort out later.   I just wish people would stop hating and being stupid about people that are different from themselves.




6 Hidden Dangers of Hand Sanitizers


Hand sanitizers seem like a wonderful product to have on hand at first glance. Who wouldn’t want quick and easy access to clean hands that you can tuck away into a purse or car glove compartment and use on the go, during those situations where hand washing is either inconvenient or downright impossible?

However, there are dangers that hide in the seemingly innocuous hand sanitation products available today, and this popular product intended to help make our lives easier, may, in fact, be making our lives worse. Let’s explore a few of the reasons that use of commercial hand sanitizing products should be avoided:

1. Hand sanitizers can increase absorption of harmful BPA

Recent research published in the Public Library of Science suggests that usage of hand sanitizers that contain triclosan may be harmful, as topical use of triclosan can increase the body’s absorption of bisphenol A (commonly called BPA).

This chemical can alter endocrine function by introducing excessive synthetic estrogens into the body, which can potentially have a negative long-term impact on health. BPA is a substance once commonly found in plastics and still used today in store receipt paper, making it a threat to cashiers—especially those who frequently use hand sanitizer (BPA is one of the 7 reasons to ditch plastic containers).

Triclosan itself has raised questions about its safety to human health. Research has shown that triclosan affects hormone regulation in animals, may contribute to the development of antibiotic-resistant germs and might be harmful to the immune system (you may also want to check if your toothpaste contains triclosan).

2. Many sanitizers contain phthalates and parabens, which can do more harm than good

Like BPA, phthalates and parabens can also interrupt normal function of the body’s endocrine system, leading to early onset of puberty and increased incidence of obesity and even cancer. Even so, they can commonly be found lurking in a variety of products many people keep in their homes, including commercial hand sanitizing products. Yet another reason to steer clear of store-bought hand sanitizers.

3. Even alcohol-based sanitizers can be dangerous in the wrong hands

Not all hand sanitizers use triclosan. Some products use alcohol, which is more effective as a sanitizer and is safer for human health than triclosan-containing products when used as directed. However, products with a high alcohol content can pose a serious danger in homes where children live, as a small child who accidentally ingests the product could fall victim to alcohol poisoning.


4. Sanitizers may contribute to the development of “super bugs”

Hand sanitizers are intended to be used to ward off bacterial infection. However, multiple studies have shown that use of these products has backfired badly. Rather than keeping bugs at bay, the prolific use of hand sanitizers and other antibacterial products has led to bacteria becoming resistant to those products, making these bugs more difficult to eradicate using previously effective measures. Thus, hand sanitizers do nothing to kill drug-resistant bugs like MRSA, and may, in fact, be helping these “super bugs” proliferate instead!

5. Sanitizers are associated with allergy development in young children

According to research published in the Environmental Health Perspectives journal, use of triclosan was found to be associated with the development of seasonal allergies in children under the age of 18 who were exposed to the substance. It is possible that the impact of triclosan on the endocrine systems of these young people is connected to their immune function, leaving them less apt to fend off allergens than their non-triclosan-using peers.

6. Ingredients in sanitizers can be harmful to the ecosystem

Not only can the ingredients in hand sanitizers be harmful to human health, it can also leave a big, ugly footprint on the environment. One study published in Aquatic Toxicology showed that even after going through a treatment plant, water containing triclosan could not be fully cleansed of the substance, meaning that triclosan was being released back into the environment even after treatment measures had been taken to remove it from the water. This means that toxic triclosan can be going where it has no business being: right into the water that goes to the taps in our homes.

A safer solution for sanitation: make your own natural hand sanitizer!

There are natural methods that you can use to keep your hands clean without ruining your endocrine system or contributing to environmental toxicity. Tea tree oil is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral, making it an ideal alternative to alcohol-or-triclosan-based sanitizing products. You can find more information in my article about 75 extraordinary uses for tea tree oil and in my e-book Magical Aromatherapy which will help you to discover the power of essential oils and the most effective ways to use them.

Try one of these gentle yet effective alternatives to commercial hand sanitizers:

Tea Tree Oil-Based Liquid Sanitizer

Mix 10 drops of tea tree oil in a bowl with:

·         One teaspoon of liquid Castile soap

·         One teaspoon of vitamin E oil

·         Six ounces of water

Stir this mixture together and pour it into a spritzing bottle.

To use, spray it on hands and rub the hands together vigorously until they are dry, just as you would with a commercial hand sanitizer.

Keep the bottle in a convenient location and use it as often as needed—without the fear of toxicity!

Tea Tree Oil-Based Gel Sanitizer

If you prefer a gel sanitizer to a liquid spray, aloe vera gel can help you to get clean hands naturally.

·         Mix 10 drops of tea tree oil in a bowl with one ounce of witch hazel and five ounces of aloe vera gel.

·         Scoop the mixture into a squeezable bottle and store in a cool place.

To use, squirt a dime-sized dollop into the palm of one hand and then rub your hands together until they are dry.

Now you can have the convenience of a gel-based sanitizer without the health concerns of commercially available sanitizing products!


     I now know what people are doing with all this toilet paper they are hording up lol.  It appears some think they will get rich by feeding into the panic and price galling.   I actually saw an add on ebey where someone thinks they can sell toilet paper for  99 cents per square with a 59 cent shipping fee. lol  I had to read that twice before I was sure they were saying what I thought they said , NOT  99 cents a roll, 99 cents for 1 square.  Which raises an interesting question would you want to use toilet paper that someone else has hand counted and sent you the number of sheets you ordered?

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