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Here is a bit of irony for you all. I have nephew he and his wife both refused to get the covid shots, and now they BOTH have covid. Here is the ironic part his wife is a huge germaphobic , even before the pandemic she was like that, and it got worse after the pandemic. Her daughter and I once saw her use hand sanitizer before taking her phone out of her purse. She was the only one touching it, and she never put it down anywhere till she put it back inside her purse. After putting it back inside her purse she used the hand sanitizer. Her daughter and I both laughed about this, it was her own phone and she was the only one that had contact with it. She said you can not be too careful, and yet she would not get the vaccine. Now both she and my nephew have covid. Guess all that hand sanitizer did not stop her from getting it , Did It? That is true irony.
I understand if you are out in public, around people you do not know , or ones you know have covid to be extra careful, but so many people have became obsessed, and a little paranoid about germs. The part that is bad about this all is : The hand sanitizers DO NOT KILL ALL THE GERMS. Some of them live on to create the next generation of germs. The sanitizers have little effect on the new generation of germs, and the process repeats. Each generation of the virus gets stronger and more immune to the disinfection. Some day we will have a germ that nothing will kill and then we will all die, but I have found washing my hands with soap and water to be a better idea then the sanitizer , and the fact I am allergic to the sanitizers does not help. For me it boils down to MAYBE getting covid ( btw I got my shots) or definitely getting an allergic reaction to the sanitizers that are meant to help keep us safe from the virus.


Have you ever had one of those days that startd at the bottom, and then digs a hole? That was the kind of day I had yesterday and the reason I am siting here all alone at nearly 4 am writing a blog. I can not sleep. The day started out kind of ok. I was up early and ready to help a friend with her computer. We called microsoft for help and found out it is all on line now and totally pointless. What ever happened to the days of real people on the other end of the phone?
While I was working on the computer, a friend pmed me and apparently got mad ,because I did not drop what i was doing right that very minute to talk to them.
It stormed here nearly all day, so after working on the computer I tried to take a nap, but was interupted by one of those automated phone things wanting to talk to me about my car insurance. Thing is I HAVE NEVER OWNED A CAR IN MY LIFE. I used to have an unlisted phone number, but I decided if I was going to get these spam calls anyhow what was the point of it being unlisted and dropped that.
I was later looking on ancestry and i got a leaf that lead me to something posted by a distant cousin. It was a pic of my great grandpa and his family that I had edited with all the people in it's names, and I put a frame on it. I did not mind the fact he used it. If I did not want it used I would not have given it to another cousin of mine to put on his site. What made me angry was this cousin I never met was claiming credit for the photo, that I worked so hard on to figure out who everyone was that was in it. The photo was taken around 1900, long before I was born.
So I finally got a little nap. Then when I got on line later a friend gave me a hard time about not calling to tell him the games were starting early, but in fairness he did apologize later. And to end a lousy day that was bad from start to finish I find out that the friend who I did not make time for in the morning went and vented to another friend about me not dropping what I was doing to listen to them.
Some people are so used to me helping when they need it, it becomes hard for them to understand I am only 1 person, and can not do everything for everything all the time at the same time. I told the friend what wanted to talk when I was working on the other friend's computer that I would get back with them in a bit. Unfortunately that did not happen, because when I tried I found this person had left a rather short and cold message to me and they were off line when I tried to get back with them.
This day was one that started at the bottom and dug a hole so it could get lower, and now instead of sleeping like a normal person would do at this time of night I am sitting here venting.


     I have been reading some of Nostradamus’ predictions that are claimed to have come true, but I contend that IF it does not happen exactly as predicted, it did not really come true.  EXAMPLE: It was written in the year 1999 in the seventh month, from the sky will come the great King of Terror.     People think this pertains to the attack on Sept 11, 2001. Nostradamus predicted July 1999, NOT Sept 11, 2001 so that is at least one prediction that was not true.     The people think was about Hitler could be a self fulfilling prophecy.   I am sure Hitler read many things in his life.   It is not too farfetched to think that maybe he read Nostradamus’s prophecy’s, and maybe he himself even thought that one was about him, so he worked to make it come true, because he believed it would and that it was about himself.   One may make a prediction come true, if they believe it will come true. They can take actions that will lead them in the direction of the prophecy they believe to be true, so it in turn does happen.       What brought me to write this blog was something I saw on TV.   It was about Nostradamus.  They think he predicted the end of the world due to an atomic war in 2030 something.     I would like to point out this is not the first prediction of the end of the world was supposed to happen with the end of the Mien calendar, but it did not happen we are still here.   It was also said to be ending on 2000, but that did not happen either.   Bottom line is: No one really knows when or even if the world end, and anyone who gets upset by something someone may or may not have predicted centuries ago is not only gullible, but they are also stupid.  We make our own future and the smallest ripple in the time stream can change EVERYTHING.


My sister told me today our first great grandson is moving to another state far away. I did not get to see him when he was growing up quite as much as I would have liked, because his parents were no longer together by the time he was born. The main times I got to spend time with him was holidays like Christmas, as he spent much of his time with his mother. Some times I would be out shopping and I would hear this little boy's voice ringing through the store. I would turn around and it was my great nephew. He would always have a hug for me. I am sure my sister-in-law would point me out to him when they were out, but that kind of a greeting from someone you love and do not see often makes one warm all over.
I know you have to let go, and let people live their own lives. It is like a poster I used to have on my wall when I was a teen said: " If you love something set it free, if it returns to you it is yours. If it doesn't it never was." So we will see if he and his g/f still come home for Christmas. I am so glad she is going with him. At least with them going together, he will not have to start over in a new place all alone. His g/f is a wonderful girl. I like her very much.
My nephew wanted to be a performer when he was a teen. I do not think he has totally given up that dream, but dreams do not pay the bills. My nephew is one of the few nephews and nieces I have who really understands me 😀. Maybe that is why I will miss him so much. We can not live the lives of the younger generation for them. They must make their own way in this world , if they are to grow and be prosperous. Unfortunately that does not stop those they leave behind from missing them.
I do not know if it is because he was the first of his generation in my family, or if it is because he was so much more loving then all the others when he was a child, but I do not think I would miss many of the others as much as I will him. LOL he has a kid brother that I know for a fact I would not miss as much if it were he who was leaving. His brother is a constant agitator, he loves to pick at people, and that bugs me sometimes.
Part of me wants my nephew to be very happy and to do well in his choice of a new place to live. Part of me keeps thinking i wish they would change their minds and stay here with us, but I know only too well people have to go out into the world and see what they can achieve for themselves to really be happy in life.


I was sitting all alone the other day in my back yard, and my mind started to wonder. I then had some weird thoughts. People have speculated that covid 19 was man made, but I have a different thought. I do not think it was man made.
I have heard some think Earth its self is alive. Let's think about it . What if the Earth is alive, and to it we are THE VIRUS, and what IF all these things that have been happening lately is the Earth's way of trying to heal itself.
For centuries man has been drilling holes in it's crust ( it's skin ), like the flesh eating bacteria does ours. We have been drilling gas, and oil out of the Earth, upsetting the chemicals balance of the earth. We have made dams to change the natural water flow of the planet changing the way the Earth spins , and causes climate,, change,
WHAT If the earthquakes,volcanoes ,tsunamis , and even this pandemic are all part of a bigger plan? WHAT IF this is all part of the Earth trying to get rid of us just as we would a parasite that was making us ill like we are making the planet ill?