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     Lately I am beginning to wonder why people think very one should be perfect?  It seems like lately if anyone misspeaks and says something wrong right away people are on top of it.  We all need to learn tolerance.   Sometimes people say things that may hurt another persons feelings, and that is sad.  Thing is THIS IS THE USA people are allowed to say how they feel, and if it does not break any laws EVERYONE can say what they want. 
     The bigger thing to do would be to forgive those that hurt us, especially if they apologize for what they do that hurt you.   It is wrong to not forgive someone who says something that they did not know would hurt your feelings before they said it.   Our forefathers fought for our rights to say what we want.   Now people are getting so thin skinned they take every little remark personally.   This country became great because of their differences.  
     Now at the risk of making people angry I really think I need to say I am so sick of this black lives matter thing.  SERIOUSLY! ALL LIVES MATTER !   I personally treat EVERYONE the same ,regardless of color or nationality. I think everyone has a right to live their life in any way they wish, right up till the point where it interferes with my personal rights.
There is a great line in the musical Oklahoma. It is: I AM NOT BETTER THEN ANYONE ELSE , BUT I WILL BE DANGED IF I AIN'T JUST AS GOOD.  People need to start seeing and treating each other just as you want to be treated yourself.  
   WHY CAN WE NOT ALL JUST LIVE AND LET LIVE?   So many people do not realize what they can learn from others if they gave the a chance instead of  judging  people by their color. When they should look to their hearts,
     I had a friend when I was in grade school.  She was the first black person I ever met, and she was sweet and kind.   Back then they would give out writing certificates if your writing improved over the year.  I got none because my writing had not improved enough. If it were now everyone would have gotten one even if they did not improve. My friend saw I was sad because I did not get a certificate.  She took off the  homemade necklace she was wearing, and gave it to me to try to make me feel better. I still have that necklace after 52 years.  Anyone looking at it that did not know the story about it would think it was junk, but to me it is a priceless memento from a good friend.
     On an unrelated subject. I wish people would learn to ignore people when they say mean things to you.  You ignore it they will stop in time, but if you respond you will be giving then the attention the crave.


If anyone plans to buy any elite shungite on line be sure to read the complete description before buying it. I found an add advertising elite shungite pyramids at what appeared to be a good price. When I read the full description I realized it was not shungite at all. They were trying to pass off obsidian( another lack rock) as the higher priced shungite.  Shungite can be found only in Russia, and  science has proven it to be a good water purifier as long as a filter from em radiation. Shungite is expensive so if you want to buy some make sure you get the real thing.  If you order some and are not sure if it is real or not, the best way I have found to test it is to take the bottom off a small flash lite and touch the shungite to the center of the battery terminal and the side of the light.  If it is real shungite the light will light up. Shungite has a high carbon content, and is very conductive.
     So it is like the buyer beware. Another clue it may not be real is where it comes from. Elite shungite can only be found in Russia, if it says it is coming from anywhere else you may want to read the description carefully, and ask the seller questions before buying it.



     Did you ever notice when things are going great something always happens to change that?   Or have you ever noticed when you think you are making your point of view perfectly clear someone will read into what you say and think you meant something you never even though?   Did you ever notice some people think they know what you are going to say before you say it, so they try to answer questions before you ask them, and they never have the right question?  Had a landlord one time would constantly try to answer your questions before you asked them, and what he would answer was never what you wanted to ask.  One time he did this and then hit me with I do not have much time. To which I replied well if you had let me ask my question instead of trying to answer it before I asked it you would have saved time, because you still need to answer the question I really wanted to ask.   Did you ever notice when siblings fight among themselves they will always go to the parent that is the easiest to convince they are telling the truth, even if they are not for back up?   Ever no0tice some things you would think were made well are not?  I have an orange teapot and i dropped a soup cup out of the cupboard and hit it. It knocked a chip out of the tea pot and the cup did not even chip.  Ever notice some people will dry to do away with the evidence when they get caught doing something they are not meant to do?  I caught a half dozen little children playing with a lighter the other week.  They were trying ot melt marshmallows with it. When I saw what they were doing I said does your mom know you are playing with fire?  The girl holding the lighter dropped it. What was amazing is she told the truth when I asked hi her mom knew she was doing that. She said no. I said do you think you should be doing that then? and she said no.  I guess there is a little hope for this younger generation after all. And lastly did you ever notice that many people in your life will try to change you instead of just allowing you to be you who you are?


     Why is it that people today tend to assume only certain people can be  prejudice?  Are not the people that think someone is prejudice ( just because they are white ) themselves practicing a form of prejudice themselves?   I saw something written recently that said people are calling for the killing of innocent  white people, and white police officers.   If you take such a stand are you yourself not guilty of the same form of prejudice that you have accused others of? 
   I am white in color, but my genealogy is mixed. You can not tell it just to look at me, and I remember the time a young black child made an accusation assuming I was prejudice because I had told a group of children in our after school program they were breaking a rule that most of them knew was in place.  The child said you do not want us in here( meaning the game room which the rule stated the children must have an adult with them to access and they had none when they went in the room) because we're black.  Just so happens a a preteen girl that had know me her whole life and who was also black was there with  the children that day.  I called her by name and said to her, You have know me your whole life. Am I prejudice?  She said no Miss Jane you treat all kids the same.  I then turned to the little girl that had tried to claim prejudice to get away with breaking the rules of the program, and I said, She (meaning the little girl that said I treated all kids the same) knows me really knows me, You took one look at my white skin and assumed prejudice, I said it appears you may be the one that is prejudice, and by the way I have black blood on my dad's side, but because you could not see it you made a wrong assumption about me. I do not know if I made the point that you can not go by looks or not, but I hope I did.   Now a days some people play the prejudice card not because they really believe someone is, but as a way of trying to break rules others must obey.  I think that is a shake . Some white people get nervous when the race card is played and will do about anything to appease the person saying it,  Problem is that when people cry discrimination when there is none it makes it harder for people to prove it when it really happens
     I love my neighborhood.  It is low income housing, and has about an equal number of blacks and whites,and a couple that fit into neither category.   We have something here most of the rest of this country does not seem to be able to maintain.  Nearly all the people in my neighborhood  are nice to each other.  We rarely have a fight that is not from members of the same house hold, and everyone will speak to you on the street and ask how you are.   I am not frightened to walk anywhere in my neighborhood day or night.   I really wish the rest of the country could understand we are not different just because our color does not match,  We are all the same under the skin (blood and bones).   We need to pull together as a country not try to hurt each other.   A very wise man once said "A house divided can not stand.  EVERYONE KNOWS WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER THAN APART.


     After weeks of little to no rain we finally got an antiquate  over the past 2 day.  We still could use more, but at lest the grass is trying to get its green color back.  I think I heard a frog calling last night. This is unusual for our area as there is not any good sources of water laying around.  I do not know if it came up form the sewer or if it got lost, but it was the only one I heard last night. The only problem is now the sun is out and making everything all steamy, so I will enjoy the grass changing back to green and turn on the ac lol.   It was a little windy for a while the other night.  It was so strong it blew my tomato plant over stake and all, but at least God gave us the rain we really needed. :)



      I just realized something tonight because of something someone posted to one of my blogs.  I took a peak at the blog page because of something someone said.  Contrary to what some think I do not usually look at who wrote what on the home page, and I could care less if people do not like what I write.  I do it for me not them.  It is amazing to me that a few trolls have made it a part time job to try to run me down . LOL  HERE IS THE IRONIC PART:   They say I want attention if that were true then they must really love me , because every time they post about how much they ( do not like my blogs that they make a point of reading ) they themselves in fact draw my name back on to the page. rotflmao.   Now tell me if you realllllly thought someone wanted attention and you realllllllllllly did not like them why would you yourself provide attention for them by constantly drawing attention to things they write? lol     Oh and btw as I have said in the past I will write what I want to, and anyone who really do not like it may feel free not to read it, and all those that do like it thank you and please keep reading.
     I bet some people wonder why I do not delete all the negative comments people put on my blogs.  That is simple I figure those that are just trying to stir up drama will show themselves for who they really are, and I do not have to do anything to push that along.n0.gif?v=122  Karma is the great equalizer.


     I had a great day yesterday.   I woke up feeling good.  I fed the neighborhood birds. It has been so hard on them with the grass all dyeing there are not many bugs for them, so I bought a bag of bird seed. I have been giving then about a cup every day, and with most of my neighbors feeding them bread, they will not starve.  After I fed the birds I popped over to my neighbors porch for a bit and talked to her a while, then I came home and had my own breakfast.   By then the mail had went and I got 3 packages.  I love getting packages it is like Christmas till the bill comes in lol.  I got these great folding fans I had ordered , a beanie frog and the present I ordered for my b/f.  I then watched some tv, and worked around the house a bit till General Hospital came on.   While I was watching it I got a call from a neighbor who had seen some neighborhood kids skulking around her yard.  She was worried they may be trying to gather dog poo from her year to throw at houses, so she asked me to see if they were still there.  They were but they had moved a bit farther over to another neighbors yard. They were poking around at some tall grass, and I asked them what they were looking for.  I told them I knew they did not live there. The biggest one said there was a snake.  Just as I was talking to him another guy came down the street on a bike. I could tell he was related to the biggest boy, and he told them to get back up home.  I called my neighbor and told her they were looking for a snake and she kinda freaked out. She made her husband hunt it down.  I must say when he found it I was surprised it was smaller then a large fishing worm, but she told him to kill it.  I figure the kids were wanting it as a pet they had a plastic container with them and most likely the parents would not let them keep it as it is against the lease. 
     I sat out on their porch for a couple hrs talking to them. Then I came  home and got supper before going back out to talk to them some more.  I did not have one single upsetting thought today at all.  My niece told me when she called me that she thought I sounded great.  I told her I feel great.   I think all this stay at home and use mask thing is getting to everyone so it had not been a very happy summer, but yesterday was a good day.  I just hope tomorrow is just as good.


     I got a couple questions for you all.  Are people not allowed to change?  And If they are not allowed to change or people think that a person can not change, what is the point of all this protesting?   I saw a news story on yahoo about a police officer who was label the basketball cop. I thought that was progress, and the next thing you see is where someone dug up a video that was not quite as favorable from a couple years back of this officer.  I feel people can change. All you have to do is want to change and you can.  I also noticed the second part of that story did not show what happened before the officer arrested the young man ( that he was rough with a couple years before the basketball video surfaced).   It seems people are to be penalized for things they did years ago EVEN IF they have changed their way of thinking and dealing with things, and they are trying to do better, people still want to make it seem as though they are the same person they were in the past.  It is not always the case.  I know because I myself was one of those people that once saw things differently then I do now. All it takes is a real desire to change and you can, but it would seem that some people do not want to see when someone changes. They would rather try to make a person look bad for mistakes they made in the past instead or seeing the changes for the good you are making.   So again the question is ARE PEOPLE NOT ALLOWED TO CHANGE IN THIS COUNTRY, WILL YOUR PAST FOREVER LABEL YOU AS BAD IF YOU DID SOMETHING BAD YEARS AGO?
     The ironic thing in this all is everyone pledge to make changes in their lives on new years day( although few follow through many people actually make the  change) so why is it so hard for people to believe that someone MAY actually make changes their thinking and their lives for the better?

SHAKING MY HEAD ( What is happneing to this world?)

     What is happening to this world?  Did you all see the story of the 5 year old who was shot in the head and killed by his neighbor?  So far the only motive for this adult man shooting a 5 year old in his head and killing him was he had been riding his bike in his neighbors yard.   I have had issues in the past with kids riding through my yard and making a path through it, BUT I went and saw the parents when the children did not stop riding through my yard.   It is unimaginable to me that anyone would shoot a 5 year old to death for something like that.  He ended the child's life and messed up his own life. EVEN IF they find he had something mentally wrong with him that caused this reaction, he will have to live the rest of his life as the man that shot a 5 year old in the head, and killed him. n3.gif?v=122     I myself have had really bad episodes of anger to the point I did not know what I was doing, but I have learned to get away from the thing that is stirring it up in me before I hurt someone.
     What angers me is some of the comments people were posting about it.   It is shocking to me that people think it is ok to shot a 5 year old in the head and kill him just because or the family they were born into.   Children have no choice in who their parents are before they are born, and should not be penalized because of where they were born.   One writer said it was good he was killed because he was privileged.  I would love to know how that person defines privileged.  It showed the little boys home on the news and the guy that shot him lived near by in the same neighborhood. The neighborhood was far from what I would call privileged, and even if it was by the writers standards, the guy that shot him lived there too.  So my question to the person that made that comment is  ( If the child was privileged and for some crazy reason deserved to die because of it, would that not also mean that the guy that shot him was also privileged and should he not be shot too if having money is not a crime?)
     I personally hate the way the media is slanting the news to try to imply that one set of people are the victim and another set are the evil ones, when this story is proof that there are good and bad in all.   If you are going to make a big deal out of one person getting killed because they are from one group then you should defiantly make a big deal out of EVERYONE that is killed unjustly.  I personally think those that are shouting racism the loudest would do well to look in a mirror. 
   I doubt this shooting was a race thing though EVEN THOUGH the media are building it up that way.  The boys own father said he had dinner with the guy that shot his son just  short time before this happened and that their was never any problems between himself and the man that did it.   The man that did it was reported to have been pacing back and forth on his lawn for a short time after he shot the child.  I would be inclined to think he had some kind of a break with reality and was coming down off it when he was pacing round. I think his mind was trying to grasp what he had done.  THAT IS NOT TO EXCUSE THE ACTION.  I just think if things are looked into closer a more direct reason for the shooting may be found as he did not shoot the little girls or the neighbor that saw it.  For some unknown reason his anger was fixed on this little boy.
    Today's children have a way of pushing the buttons of adults.  It does not matter what color they all, MOST OF today's kids have a sense of entitlement.  If it really was about the riding the bike on the yard, could be this child had a habit of doing it and had been told many times not to.  Anger will build in a person till it explodes, BUT LIKE I SAID ABOVE YOU GO TO THE PARENTS IF YOU HAVE A MISBEHAVING CHILD YOU DO NOT SHOOT IT.
    I think the whole country should take a step back and remember the golden rule ( DO ONTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO ONTO YOU!)   I think I must live in one of the best neighborhoods in this country.  We do not have those kinds of problems here. There is hardly ever a fight among neighbors. Everyone says hi to each other and asks how you are doing, it does not matter the color. My neighborhood has many different color people living here together and mostly respectfully.  Now here is the ironic part of this I live in government housing( much like the project you can see on the movie the blind side, and most of these hate crimes are happening in neighborhoods that look down on projectors lol   I am not afraid to walk my neighborhood in the middle of the night alone.  How many of the people that try to look down on the projects can say that?


     I saw something today that really made me laugh.   You know how to tell when you have gotten into someones mind? It is when they think they see you everywhere.   It seems some think they see me everywhere. n0.gif?v=122  It is nice to know that I have made an impression on people to the point they can not stop thinking about me. lol 

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