Relationship status: in a relationship
I want to play with: women
Looking for: friendship
Zodiac sign: libra
Birthday: 09-30
Joined: 2014-07-28
The sweetest place is to be in someones thoughts and the safest place is to be in someones heart.
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Something about me

About me
easy going---the pic you see of me is real me not fake-- I want people to like me for who i am---not fake
Favorite music
swamp pop---classic rock---blues---classic country
Things I like
---women---karaoke---going on long trips--my truck---women---fishing---money---humor---outdoors---women----oh and did I say women !!!!!!!!!!!
Things I don't like
stupid people---smart asses---fake people

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  • destanee1323 minutes ago
    Thanks for the video Den hope all is well... Looking down always loved this one... Wild Horses ...
  • joanna085 hours ago
    Thank You Den for the beautiful video I hope you are doing well
  • Aninja14 days ago
    Happy Valentines Day, my Friend!
  • denverc24 days ago
    The Frog
    Joke For The Day
    "Tee" Boudreaux goes up to his daddy the other day and asks, "Poppa, can you make a noise like a frog ?" Boudreaux says, "Mais I guess I can. Why you wants me to make a noise like a frog ?" "Tee" tells him, "Cause Momma told me that as soon as you croaks, we goin' to Disneyland !"
  • denverc38 days ago
    dedicated to my friend Jerry -- RIP my friend.
  • denverc38 days ago
  • denverc38 days ago
  • denverc38 days ago
  • ^savanna^45 days ago
  • Suzy_Q6948 days ago
    Dennn,,, Hope you are doing well and had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Huggggggggsssss

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