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The Genie and the illegal Immigrant


--An illegal immigrant is sitting in the street in San Francisco, bemoaning his life, when suddenly, a genie appears.

"I'm a socialist genie," he says, "and I'm here to grant you three wishes." The illegal immigrant says, "You see this gap in my teeth? I want it fixed."

No sooner does he say that when he gets a copy of a new law saying all illegal immigrants in America will get free health and dental care for life.

And so, he ran to the dentist and got his teeth fixed for free. He is ecstatic and says "I want a fully furnished house and endless money."

No sooner does he say this, that a new law is passed guaranteeing all illegal immigrants get a fully furnished new home and welfare for life.

And in his hands are a deed to his new home and lots of money. The illegal immigrant is stunned.

He had gotten everything he wanted and still had a wish left.

So, he said "I want to be an American citizen. In fact, I want to be named Peter."

And as soon as he said that, his teeth went back to having a gap and his free house disappeared.

"What happened?!" the illegal immigrant yelled.

"What do you mean, 'what happened'?" replied the genie.

"You're an American citizen now. You should be ashamed trying to live off of government money. Go get a job Peter!"